Anchorage Park School                                               $930.00                                             

Counties Manukau Zone of NZRL Inc.                      $1,816.50                     

Hora Hora Rugby Union Football Club                      $8,550.00                                 

Howick Gymnastic Club                                            $2,015.00 

Love Soup                                                                  $2,428.00

Mangere East Rugby League Football & Sports Club $1,442.05                  

Mountfort Park Water Polo Club                                 $2,990.00    

NZ Council of Victim Support Groups Inc.                   $2,000.00

Onehunga Sports Football Club                                  $3,331.70

Pakuranga Croquet Club Inc.                                    $12,477.50 

Papakura City Football Club                                        $6,500.00

Pukekohe High School                                                $2,660.87

Pukekohe Softball Club                                               $6,433.91

Regent Community Trust                                             $1,498.59

Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind                                $5,000.00

Rugby League Northland Zone of NZRL                      $1,533.40

Totara Park Riding for the Disabled                             $9,500.00

Waitakere United Inc.                                                 $24,000.00

Total:                                                                         $95,107.52